EStake Introduces a Revolutionary Staking Method into the DeFi Space

Heard of elastic supply? We are introducing elastic staking.

EStake is a decentralized staking mechanism designed to completely disrupt the conventional way of staking through inbuilt wallet staking. Our unique staking mechanism operates on an elastic model, to ensure that the users can net a strong return on their assets, without having to deal with the problem of decreasing APR with increasing participation in the staking pool.

How our staking Algorithm works

Elasticity in our staking algorithm is implemented via two methods:

A) Holding Days based Elasticity

For every amount of token, you hold in your wallet, your APR depends solely on your holding capability and increases linearly with an increasing number of holding days.
Day 1 : 36%

Holding Days based APR

B) Price based elasticity

In this, your APR depends upon price of EStake and Ethereum at the time of RDE. APR is positive if EStake price> Eth price factor and negative if EStake price < Eth price factor. This price based elasticity, either further increase or decrease your holding days based APR. In order to attain stability, EStake is pegged to the Ethereum basket that now contains Ethereum only. Although we plan to add more ERC tokens to the basket in the near future, to make it more robust. Below is the graphical representation of the price based elasticity in APR.

Price based APR

Net APR = Holding Days based APR + Price based APR




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A novel elastic supply DeFi Protocol that provides in-built staking integrated in the smart contract.